Domestic Cleaning Melbourne
Domestic Cleaning Melbourne
Domestic Cleaning Melbourne

Choose from our Professional Services from our House Cleaners in Melbourne below (Click on image) and Call us on 03 9212 8000 to book now:

Regular House Cleaning

(Regular/maintenance daily, weekly or fortnightly cleans)

One-off and Casual Cleaning Services

(Spring cleans, moving house - vacate/entry cleans)

Housekeeping Services

(cleaning/laundry/ household management)

We are TAC, WorkSafe / WorkCover & ComCare providers

Did you know?

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Employment Opportunities:
We are always seeking to grow our community of reliable and effective house cleaners and housekeepers, so if you think you have what it takes to be a great cleaner, then contact us now on 03 9212 8014 so we can discuss your options.

Why trust Cherubs in the Home for your
tailored house cleaning solutions?

"You've heard it all before. The difference is that we mean it! We are committed to your piece of mind, and delivering the best cleaning services for you!"

Domestic Cleaning - Why are we different?
We listen to what you want ... and by doing so facilitate the best possible match between you and your cleaner

Strict screening:
We have a strict screening p ocess of our domestic cleaners, given we know your security is your main concern. Although we require them to present us with a police check, unfortunately this is not a foolproof method. We utilize a calculated and thorough screening process, devised through our extensive skills and experiences, to help identify any weaknesses and inconsistencies along with suggesting any concerns with their level of integrity.

At the end of the day, if we don't feel comfortable with the thought of these people not only in our own homes but in the homes of close family and friends, they simply fail our screen. We regard you as being just as important to us as our close family and friends.

Cleaner Experience:

We regard the best possible experience a house cleaner, Melbourne can have being management of their own homes. How else can they understand your priorities? "We then take any other relevant experience into consideration when assessing their skills in light of your requirements."

Services our clients enjoy include:
  • House Cleaning
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Insurance Claimant Home Cleaning Services
    Click here for more services provided by Cherubs in the home.

    Our team at Cherubs in the Home focus on the continual recruitment of domestic, and as required, commercial cleaners. Cherubs in the home - Specialists in Domestic Cleaning, House cleaning and House keeping.

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