Casual Cleaning Services

Casual cleans are cleans required only once or every now and then … for a variety of different reasons:

Spring Cleans – Usually just a one-off clean to help you get back on top of things! A Spring clean usually addresses the things that may have been neglected for a little while, like skirting boards, window sills, corners … essentially just giving the whole house a good clean, so that maintenance from that point onwards is just that little easier!

Real Estate cleans – For a one-off, essentially this is a Spring Clean. The objective is to get the house spic and span ready for those open for inspections! Regular maintenance cleans can then be had to keep the house looking it’s best for the duration of the property being on the market.

Vacate Cleans – Once you’ve moved out of your home, the last thing you want to deal with is … cleaning it! Our cleaners can do that for you, paying attention to insides of cupboards, and areas where appliances once sat. All cleaning is done in accordance with your direction, so can accommodate your management requests, of either working to a budget, capping it at a number of hours, or simply doing what is required, and providing you with an update of what was involved.

Entry Cleans – Moving in? Wanting the house to be throroughly cleaned before you move in? Our cleaners can do an Entry Clean for you. Similar to a Vacate Clean, they will pay attention to the detail areas, such as inside cupboards, and getting rid of that dust that may have accummulated during it’s vacancy.

One-off Cleans and Catch-up Cleans – Sometimes we just need the occassional help, just to get on top of things! Particularly if you have a function coming up, and you just don’t have the time to clean … as well! Or, it may well be that you have an injury or illness which has prevented you from keeping on top of the cleaning … or you simply have been just too busy! A simple, one-off clean can help.

Builders Cleans – Cleaning up after building or renovating can be a huge task! Our cleaners can come in, clean up the debris, then do a good spring clean of the place, to get rid of all that dust and grime! For good results with a builders clean, it may be in your best interest to have several cleans. The first addresses the builder’s debris, the second performs the actual clean. Usually 2 cleans are sufficient, however if the job is a big one, a third can usually finalise the clean, and address that finer detail and get your new home all nice and shiny!