Regular and Weekly Cleaning

Regular – Daily, Weekly and Fortnightly – Cleaning Services

Like the vast majority of our clients, we know you are looking for a reliable, and “good” regular cleaning service Melbourne has to offer. Our regular cleaning services are usually Daily, Weekly cleaning services in Melbourne, or fortnightly clean. Our aim is for you to have the same cleaner, servicing you exclusively, so that they know exactly what your expectations and preferences are, and can come up with a routine to suit your needs.

Your regular cleaning service Melbourne will be conducted by a cleaner who becomes a part of your family. Communication can be directly between the two of you; differing requests can be made directly, and the two of you get to know how to support each other in supporting the other.

Particularly with a weekly cleaning service Melbourne, whereby the cleaner has the frequency (time permitting) to make sure wet areas are cleaned regularly, and floors are well maintained as well.

With a fortnightly cleaning service Melbourne, the same attention is given to the surfaces being cleaned, however, depending on the usage of each surface, the build up can be slightly higher.

The activity that is likely to impact on these regular cleaning services Melbourne, include: the number of people in the home, how much cleaning the household members do between cleans, whether your home is streamlined or has a large number of items in the space, whether there is any tidying to do by your cleaner, whether there are pets inside the home, the ages of your children, and many other variables.

Whoever your regular cleaner is, the two of you can develop a plan on how to best maintain your home.