Housekeeping Service

Typically, Housekeeping services in Melbourne we assist our clients with can include house cleaning service teamed with linen maintenance, ironing, laundry tasks, errands, and much more.

On Specific Request and in certain locations thoughout Melbourne, dedicated, targetted, individualised recruited programs can be implemented to find that special person with the required time availability. Our Melbourne based housekeepers and Melbourne based house cleaners have organised functions, liaised with trades people, and other required services!

Tasks which Housekeepers may perform include:

Laundry Management – This is usually the collection, sorting, washing, drying, ironing, folding and placement of laundry items within the household. Items laundered are likely to include clothes, linen and towels.

Daily cleaning – Meals areas and bathrooms can get quite grubby with daily use. Housekeepers can manage these areas to minimise the mess a family can leave behind!

Changing of Beds – Some families just don’t have time to strip their sheets off the beds and re-make with fresh ones! Our housekeepers can incorporate this into their housekeeping routine, at whatever frequency you like.

Ironing – Simply ironing of clean laundry! Whether they be left in a specified area, or whether they be placed in wardrobes … each client’s requirements are different, and can be accommodated.

Organising – Organising, decluttering, re-organising … anything needed to get an area, or keep an area, in order. It may be a whole room, or it may just be a shelf! Pantries, Linen Cupboards, Fridges are all cupboards that typically may need re-organising from time to time.