Cleaner Training

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Cleaner Screening – our Unique 7-step Screening process

We have developed a unique 7-step screening process, which leaves no stone un-turned in establishing the ‘integrity’ of the applicant, and whether they have the life-skills needed to make a great domestic cleaner!

Cleaner Training – Our Unique 6-Step cleaning process

We pride ourselves on our unique cleaner training program. Rather than telling a cleaner how they should clean, we take advantage of the superior skills and tricks they have learnt in life and developed in maintaining their own homes, and add to them!

We have developed a 6-step process, which is all about bringing the subconscious act of cleaning, into the conscious mind, thereby increasing the cleaner’s awareness of where and how things can be modified to meet the individual client needs.

We focus on preparation. The mental and then physical preparation for purpose of cleaning any surface, then executing the clean … followed by the clean completion.

We educate the cleaners on the relevance of particular fluids for particular cleaning situations, but also reinforcing that it is not the cleaning fluid that does the work, but the cleaning operator.

Please note, however, we do not endorse any products in particular, so we are unable to recommend any products. Each cleaning situation is unique, affecting not only the client, their home and personal requirements, but the cleaner themselves as well.