Domestic services:

All domestic services are charged by the cleaner, whereby a more efficient fee payment is achieved. Rates are charged by the hour, and not by the house. Therefore, once a cleaner achieves efficiencies within your home, whereby additional time may be available at the end of the clean, other duties can be taken on board. Alternatively, the type of duties performed from service to service can vary, based on your personal requirements.

Rates are based on regular cleans of weekly and fortnightly frequency or on casual cleans. Different rates and different service minimums can apply to certain areas depending on the distance most cleaners need to travel to accommodate certain areas. This also allows us to entice good quality cleaners who quite often reside in the outer suburbs into inner suburbs.

From time to time clients do require payments to be made directly to the Agency. In this instance GST is attracted to the quoted rate, together with an administrative charge. Accounts are only available to approved clients and must be discussed with the agency prior.

Commercial cleaning payments: A monthly account system is established and discussed directly in this instance.