House Cleaning

At Cherubs In The Home, our emphasis is on finding the ‘right’ Cleaner to deliver your unique regular cleaning specific to your needs. Whether it be a light “Maintenance Clean” or a more in-depth Daily, Weekly or Fortnightly “Detailed Clean”, we have the ability to find the right cleaner for you.

Over the years, we have developed our Unique “Client Needs Analysis Tool”, which gives us a meaningful insight into your needs; and together with regular on-going Communications, we are able to help deliver your specific house cleaning in Melbourne requirements.

Our house cleaners are typically House Proud Parents and Home Owners/Managers who are versed in the skills, methodology, and ‘understanding’, of what cleaning requirements are important to you. With our Cleaners’ effective house cleaning services throughout Melbourne, we aim to deliver the best possible results for you. We strive to find the right Melbourne based house cleaning services for you, our valued clients.

Regular “Surface” or “Maintenance” Cleaning –
Floors, bathrooms (including toilets), dusting, and in some instances kitchen.

More Comprehensive, “Detailed” Cleaning –
Inclusive of above mentioned services along with detailed cleaning such as skirting boards, fronts of kitchen cupboards, inside microwave, cobwebs, light switches, and more!
Advising us of your requirements of detailed cleaning is extremely helpful to us, enabling us to find the right cleaner to deliver those requirements, given there are no tasks that are automatically included in any service. Cleaning isn’t just a function, it’s a “Mindset”. So, the more comprehensive an understanding we have of your requirements the greater the chances of finding that special, RIGHT cleaner for you!

House Cleaning
Domestic cleaning
Home Cleaning
Usually, this is specific domestic cleaning conducted throughout the house. Cleaning can be the same, routine regime every visit, or may vary as per your request, each time.
Ironing Typically, ironing is carried out on-site, and a part of your House Cleaning Service
Laundry Laundry assistance, on-site, includes – washing, hanging-out, bringing in, folding, and in some instances, organization of clothes – usually a part of your House Cleaning Service
Linen Periodic changing of bed and bathroom linen which may or may not include washing/drying – usually a part of your Regular Servicem
Housekeeping typically incorporates different services including cleaning, laundry, changing linen, and ironing, but not necessarily all of them.
Home help Assistance in meal preparation, odd jobs, and other tasks which may be required now and then can be provided by some of our cleaners, which can make life just that little more manageable for some.